ASIO Direct Monitoring Not working Cubase 11 MacOSX Big Sur Silicon

Hi All!

I have been having trouble with ASIO Direct Monitoring on two systems. Both Apple Silicon – Mac Mini / UR22C and MacBook Air / UR824. I follow all the instructions in the manual, and have signal to the recording channel fine (meters) but signal does not go to the master buss and monitors.

I have reinstalled all drivers and tools (latest), Cubase 11 is up to date (Cubase Pro 11.0.41).

I had a call with tech support on this, and we deleted all preferences which fixed it on the UR22c. Then when I turned Control Room on, broke it again. Turning control room back off again fixed it, but only temporarily. Now I can’t get it to work on either system.

I have turned Control Room on and off, deleted prefs, updated everything I can think of.

Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone else using ASIO Direct Monitoring on a similar system?


First reply from Steinberg, BTW:
“You cannot use the control room and direct monitoring at the same time one cancels the other out. The control being a virtual control room requires the audio to pass through the Cubase audio engine therefore the direct monitoring cannot be engaged.”