ASIO Direct Monitoring

Howdy all,

Bit of a rant…

Been a while since I’ve posted, side affect of the DAW running smoothly and managing to ignore the gear cravings!
Unfortunately I succumbed to an old MOTU 24 i/o with DSP card which enables me to get 24 channels out of my old analogue console at 96k without messing with extra pre-amps, light pipes, BNC connectors and clocking issues and …

Anyways, I’m trying to get Cubase to run the extensive mixing engine via Direct Monitoring.
I did this quite successfully years ago on Cubase SX with an echo Layla but the mix environment has evolved considerably, esp. with the control room.

Is it still possible to have Cubase control multiple mixes via direct monitoring?
How are you sending to multiple mixes? Are you using control room with extra cue mixes and sending via a send?
Every time I try to enable a different output it kills the main output so I can only seem to run 1 mix at a time.
The MOTU ‘cue mix’ app will happily run 12 stereo mixes but only 1 when being run by Cubase…

Might be a pipe dream but I still remember the way the Layla integrated into my workflow, I almost forgot it was there and did everything from the mix window… be awesome to have that again.

any thoughts?