ASIO direct sound - multichannel out


Does anyone know how to make the ASIO direct sound driver show up with more than 2 channels out - I need it for 5.1 production.

I have a multichannel card (Auzentech Home Theater HD), but in the ASIO direct sound driver it shows up as only a stereo out.

In ASIO4ALL it shows up with the correct 8 channels out, but unfortunately I cant have Cubase/ASIO4ALL running at the same time as my game engine (they steel the sound card/driver from eachother).

Do you have “release driver in background” ticked in your ASIO setup in CB? I’m thinking if you set up Cubase/ASIO4all-your desired audio card, if you fire up Cubase withthat set up it shouldn’t “release” the driver to another program untill you shut CB down. Assuming you’r not trying to run both programs at the same time. :question:

Thanks for reply - I have tried the Release in background, but I am actually trying to run both programs at same time.

I can do that (in stereo) when using the ASIO direct sound driver - but that one doesn´t let me use more the 2 outputs.