ASIO DirectX Duplex Driver - No audio recording?

I couldn’t find an answer this in any of the getting started pdfs and readings.

Anyway, when I use this ASIO Driver(ASIO DirectX Duplex Driver) in Device Settings>VST Audio System it will let me hear MIDI sounds(such as stuff from SonicSE clicking on the keyboard). BUT It says “currently installed soundcard driver does not support Direct Sound Input and recording audio is not possible.”

-Is there anyway to get this resolved by downloading a new driver that supports this? Or do I have to buy another soundcard? I really wanted to do audio recordings.

You should not use DirectX driver. If your sound card does not have dedicated ASIO driver, you should use ASIO4ALL driver

Jarno is right. Which audio interface do you have?

Sorry for the late reply. I have a Lexicon Omega thing that I bought I think that counts as a audio interface lol.(Sorry I’m sorta new with these things, I used to use Cubase LE and just plug it in it used to work)

I haven’t try plugging it in yet, I probably will tonight.

So I’ll try installing the ASIO4ALL driver and see if I can record and hear MIDI at the same time because that’s really where I want to be at. Thanks for the help, AND ANY additional advice will be helpful too thanks!

Expect great things: that driver is great. :wink:

Omega has it’s own dedicated ASIO driver. Please read Omega’s Install Guide:

Wow thanks for ALL that help! I am about to install the driver, been busy. And install the omega onto this new win7 computer (and the dedicated driver you posted too idk if i need both lol but ill try the omega first i guess) Hope this all works if not I’ll just post back in this thread for some help. But really didn’t expect to get such great help!!! Thanks again.

I actually had another question if anyone can answer this, can you install Cubase LE and Cubase 6 on the same computer(win7) without any problems?

Absolutely. Many users have all kinds of combinations of Cubase on the same computer. It works great.

Thanks Bane! Great to hear that. Well I guess that resolves everything I had in mind for now, hope everyone has a great holidays!

Right back at ya. Merry Christmas. :wink: