ASIO "Driver could not be opened"

I’ve been using Cubase with no problems for a year and half. To my knowledge there have been no updates made to my computer, but now my driver has been switched to a generic low latency ASIO driver and when I try to switch back to the driver I’ve been using, Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO, I get the error message “Device could not be opened”. My driver shows up in the options in DEVICES>>DEVICE SETUP>>ASIO DRIVER dropdown, but can’t connect. I’ve attached a screenshot. I know it is connected properly to the computer because when I play my guitar through it I hear it through the output.

What could be causing my issue? What do I need to do to switch to the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO Driver?


Make sure the driver and the TOOLS is up to date, please.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver and Cubase. No luck.

Did you download the very latest version, before you reinstalled?

I downloaded and installed the driver at this location:

What OS do you use?

Isn’t the ASIO driver used by any other music application in the same time?

I am on windows 10. I used the ASIO driver to playback all sounds from my computer, so it was likely used by a music player, but no other recording application.

the UR22mkII is also indicating that the device is not recognized by the computer with the blinking “USB” light. I’ve used it for months and this has never been an issue.


Sorry, I don’t get it now, does the system (Windows) recognise the Audio Device or not? Can you use it in other application?

What I know is:

  1. The “USB” light is blinking on the UR22mkII audio device, indicating that the computer does not recognize it. I cannot get playback from any other application, or even find the device in the Windows audio control panel.
  2. When I try to switch to the Steinberg Yamaha USB Driver in Cubase DEVICES>>DEVICE SETUP>>ASIO DRIVER I get the error message “Device could not be opened”.

I have been using the program for over a year and a half with no problems until last week.

Also, when I open the Driver Options window, I am supposed to have a tab called “Steinberg UR22mkII”, but that tab does not show up for me at all. I am also supposed to be able to select the UR22mkII as a device in the “ASIO” tab, but again, I don’t even have that option. I have attached a screenshot.

OK, Cubase cannot see it, because the system doesn’t see it at all.

Make sure the Audio Device is connected to USB 2, not USB 3. Try to use another USB port, and another cable. Do you have a chance to try with another computer?