Asio driver / Elcc

Hi everybody,
2 questions:
When I start DP3.5, the following message appears twice:
I had a close look to the Elcc and found this:

I tried to delete the deactivated one, but I can’t…


I use the ASIOFORALL V2 VST ENGINE 3 driver.
The problem is:
This driver kills my normal PC Sund driver - so I can’t listen to music played by the PC while DP is active. So I must shut down DP, go back to PC in order to hear the music I want and then have to restart DP - disgusting!!
And - sometimes it takes several minutes 'til DP finds the ASIO driver - often I start DP and take a walk with my two dogs and after that I hope that DP is ready to work…
(besides: my dogs are happy - I’m not)

How can I solve these probs??


Peter, I don’t think you need to worry about the deactivated Soft-eLicenser: it looks like your Dorico license is on your USB-eLicenser.

As for the ASIO4ALL driver, that’s not a Steinberg product so we can’t offer detailed technical support. You might try the FlexASIO driver as an alternative and see if it works any better for you?

Hi Daniel,
that is lightspeed answer!!!
Yes, I’ve got the USB eLicenser.
But why do the messages appear? I don’t want them!

ASIO Link Pro might help too. Use it with ASIO4ALL to set up an ASIO Link matrix with all kinds of options to route audio, including mixing WDM and ASIO apps.

Give Academy - ODeus ASIO Link Pro - Patcher

You may need to contact our support team, Peter, for help with removing your de-activated Soft-eLicenser. I’m afraid I don’t personally know how to take care of that, but if you open a ticket with them, I’m sure they’ll be able to help.

I’d also try to run the eLC with administrator rights and let it execute the maintenance task. That might already do the job.

Hi Ulf,
you solved my eLcc - problem.

Thanks a lot!

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