ASIO Driver for Mac

I just bought Cubase Elements today and I would like some help on how to set it up. I do not know much about technical aspects of this sort of thing. I used to use Audacity and did not have to worry about ASIO drivers or anything. I record with a USB mic and my Macbook pro. Can someone please help me or guide me in the right direction. I would highly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

I am having the same problems as campbell047 , I just bought RU12 USB Interface, with Cubase AI 7, I was using Sequel 2 prior to my new purchase, but Sequel 2 had an easy button on the program dropdown box !
I was using Windows before and never had many problems i couldn’t sort out myself ! I have now changed to a Mac Version 10.10.1 / format Mac OS Extended, Journaled.

I also would like some assistance on setting up the ASIO settings so I don’t have to spend heaps of time messing around sorting out ASIO settings,
help would be most appreciated.
Thank you.

I don’t believe Macs use ASIO. Apple has its own protocol called “Core Audio”.

I’m a PC user so I can’t help you much… sounds like both of you need to spend some time with the Mac documentation.

The Nuendo documentation comes with a Quick Start Guide, most likely Cubase does as well. I’d suggest going through that. It’s a short document.

Thanks for your comments guys, I finally got going the other day, I played around with all the AUDIO settings to make sure the UR12 was recognised in all of them and then tried again, at first this was only just working but not properly ?
The next time I turned on my Mac a pop up window appeared asking for ASIO to be set up, I obviously said YES and also clicked the box that said “Set ASIO each time you open Cubase !
I am now away each time I open the program and I am recording.
I also recommend reading the User Manual a few times to get familliar with set up on a few things like, bus set up and others.