Asio driver not detected

Today I switched from my RME Fireface 400 to a Fireface UCXii.
Was immediately detected and could play music (Apple Music). Steinberg VST live also works (MIDI).
But in Cubase 11 I can not playback or record. It says “Asio Driver is not active”
My USX ii is connected via SPDIF and Wordclock to Mytek converters.

Here some screenshots:

Thanks for helping.


Try to restart your Mac, please.

I installed the previous driver (written kernel)
Works now

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I have a similar problem, Cubase reads my Mackie USB driver but brings out no sound, I have been doubling ASIO4ALL with the Mackie Onyx to utilise the recording input. Mackie says it’s working the problem is with Cubase, what do I do?


Other drivers work with Cubase… :thinking: Did they say something more specific?

On Windows I would try to install the driver as administrator.

This is what I got from Mackie. I hope it is the truth and I can just adjust something in Cubase


I expect the Mackie CP is some kind of DAW, it is using the ASIO driver and it’s working at your system. Am I right?

Could you please send a screenshot where the

message appears exactly, please?

Btw, Did you try to reinstall the driver as administrator, please?