ASIO Driver not responding on start and after routing change


when I start Cubase 8 Elements, start a new project, load a project or change anything in my routing my ASIO Driver stops to respond and the only way to get working again as it is supposed to be is to restart the Driver.
Of course at first I blamed the new soundcard driver (ESI ESP 1010e Version 2.20) but other Audio programs (Guitar Rig 5, Mashine) and even another DAW (Reaper) work just fine.

I am running Cubase Elements 8.0.35 on Windows 10 with an ESI ESP 1010e PCI express Card, Intel i5 4670, 8 GB Ram.

I’ve been using Cubase for years and never had any problems like this before, so I hope someone has a solution.

Many thanks in advance,


After the upgrade to Cubase 8.5 everything works fine again.