ASIO driver problem

I’ve had Artist 9.5 for 2 weeks and it’s still completely unusable, so hope I can get some help. Apart from not having any VST “normal” instruments, I’ve now lost sound completely. I’m on Windows 10 and use a Line 6 UX2 as an audio interface and I do have the latest driver. It was working OK for recording and output, but now Cubase won’t accept the ASIO driver - I get “ASIO driver open failure” when I select the UX2 driver in Studio Set Up for audio. All other programs on the PC (Sibelius, Band in the Box, Windows Media Player) still produce audio OK. Is this Steinberg’s way of getting me to buy their audio interface? :wink:


Try to reinstall the driver and try to start Cubase in Safe Start Mode. Does it work?

Thanks for the suggestion. When I go to restart Cubase in safe mode it says "No valid license found and asks me to go through license activation - do I need to do that?

That’s wired. Start eLCC and run Maintenance. Can you see the proper license here after?

eLCC needs internet and I had started the PC in safe mode without network, which was probably why the elicenser didn’t work. I have since restarted the PC normally and the reinstalled driver is currently working - although I wonder if the same thing will happen again. Do you think I still need to try running it in safe mode?

OK, I ment Cubase Safe Start Mode, not Windows. That’s something else.

Sorry misunderstood - didn’t really know about safe mode. I have looked it up and will try it if the problem recurs. Many thanks for your help.