ASIO driver - should I replace my SoundMAX driver with it?

Hi friends,

Yes, sad to say I’m baffled. I have a SoundMAX Intergrated Digital HD Audio on-board (on the mother board, not a card) device. Am I supposed to exchange its driver with the ASIO4ALL driver that I downloaded?

I’m using a Alesis io2 Express via USB into my Windows XP PC.
SoundMAX driver.JPG
Thanks, Beryl

Yes, use the ASIO4ALL driver.

or better yet:

Don’t use onboard audio and get a better audio interface.

I read elsewhere NOT to replace the existing driver because the ASIO4ALL driver runs along side it.

I now successfully have audio playback from a file on my PC.

So, in summary it seams that if I want to use my PC built-in speaker (just fine for getting to know the process, but not for any project work), I need to keep its existing drivers IN ADDITION to the ASIO4ALL ones.

Thanks, Brett