asio driver suddenly from dedicated to direct X

Artist 6.5 has suddenly decided to play a dirty trick: instead of my Edirol Asio driver which runs at 64 it now loads the DirectX full duplex driver. @ 2048!

When I try to change to the Edirol driver, I get a message it cannot be found and I have to connect the device. That is connected and working.

When I restart my system, the DirectX driver loads, but then I can switch to the the Edirol one.

Very annoying indeed!

Anyone an idea?
Is there a way to delete some file, like when starting up Photoshop, so the app creates a new prefs file?

There’s another very recent thread on this, I’ll see if I can get you a link quickly.

Disconnect and reconnect the device and then as you said in Cubase: Devices -> Device Setup -> select Midi Port Setup -> click the Reset button and it’s working again.

From here:

Might work for you. Does it do this after using another music player like Windows Media Player by any chance?
See if Edirol (or Roland now?) has any driver updates but I think this is because USB upsets lead to loss of “handshake” between it and the host app so a reconnection must be done.
I’d have to have a look at how it’s handled elsewhere but it sounds like old midi protocols are being interrupted. Cubase then gets “WTF!? No connection!” message.
Should be ok most of the time if it’s only Cubase being used. Not 100% mind.