ASIO driver to use with Line 6 Spider V amp


I’m new to Steinberg and trying to understand all the in’s and outs. I have Steinberg Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5. I want to be able to use steinberg to record music directly from my Line 6 Spider V Amp. However, i’m not sure how ASIO drivers actually work, so i ask the following questions:

  1. What is an ASIO driver (examples) and how do they work? Do i need to download them?
  2. Which is the correct ASIO driver for what i want to use and how do i know when it’s the right one?
  3. Would i use my USB directly into my laptop, or would i need something in between? Like a mixing board? (i do have a small one)

Many thanks! Sorry for all the newbie questions! :stuck_out_tongue:


Take a look at this beginners vid. Once you hook up your amp as shown in the vid you will be able to choose it’s ASIO driver in Cubase. The driver will let Cubase know what imports and outputs (both I & Os are named buses in Cubase) are available on your amp. Then you can choose them and set up the applicable input and output buses that you want to use in Cubase.

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ASIO driver is software to link your hardware in to audio recording software (bypassing windows audio)

The correct driver is the one Line6 provide for the amp.

Plug usb direct to laptop.

NB: This is for Windows - On Mac the device uses core audio so needs no additional driver (as shown in the video Prock linked)

Thanks guys^^ sorry for the late response… I have installed the Line 6 as a driver, as required, and i plugged my amp straight into the laptop as you’re supposed to, but the only audio in i’m receiving is from the built in mic in my laptop, i’ve tried to change it but the Line 6 isn’t an option as an input… I start an empty track, and i’m greeted with the picture you see attached. I then go to project and add audio, but i’m not getting any sound ffom the amp into the laptop. What am i doing wrong now? :unamused:

don’t worry, i figured it out haha, needed to change the driver! Although i no have another problem which i think you may have come across before… I’m getting the ‘Recording error: Audio drop out detected’ message. What does this mean and what do i need to do to record more than a millisecond of guitar? I’m also getting a weird doubling of anything i play through my amp when i try to record audio. and the drum loops won’t play properly either. Presumably that’s because everything is feeding back into my amp as the output, but how do i fix that as well? Lol sorry for all the noob questions.