ASIO Drivers Not Showing

Forgive me if this is a stupid question or if I missed a previous post that had this answered already, I tend to miss things easily, but I have a Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium sound card and I would like to use its “Creative ASIO” for Cubase 6 but it is not showing up in Cubase’s list of ASIO drivers. ASIO4ALL is showing up (which has served me well for a year or two but it’s time to move on) but not Creative ASIO. Any help would be appreciated. :smiley:

Why not try the desperate stuff when you’re still relatively calm and not hyperventilating … ? :wink:

You’re sure you’ve installed the drivers properly?
Try reinstallin just to get that out of the way. The drivers are not working anyway so …

HTH :slight_smile:

lol well I have Reason 5 and some other audio programs that use ASIO and Creative ASIO shows up for them, but I guess I can try that.

Naw, then it’s kind of pointless? :confused:
So now it’s only 2435 other things to try! :laughing:

After a bit of poking about I noticed Creative ASIO is only showing up in 32-bit applications and never 64-bit applications. Perhaps this is something that I should ask on the Creative forums.

May need 64 bit drivers and firmware, if applicable.

Yeah I just did a search after suspecting that when I discovered it isn’t showing up for 64-bit programs and found out Creative is an a-hole and doesn’t supply 64-bit ASIO drivers up front. :imp: I did a bit of searching and found the 64-bit drivers by pure luck but my problems may not be over because in the past I’ve had the 32-bit drivers cause my computer to actually blue screen when they even try to initiate. :frowning: Oh well, as soon as this install of RealStrat finishes so I don’t lose the progress of it, I’ll see if Cubase 6 can run it without a blue screen of death.

To be honest, Blasters are more of a gaming and sound playback soundcard and not really for DAW use. Yes, they can be used, but you see yourself some of the issues. Investing in a good interface would be your best course.

yep great for games… not so good for DAW usage… at that end of the market you would be MUCH better off with something like an Maudio Audiophile.

Yeah I think I will be changing sound cards if I can’t put enough band aids on this to fix it up.