asio dropout showing too often

Why or how does this happen and what can i do to fix it?. I tried downloading Asio4all but it invited too many ads…i use the zoom g series asio because that’s the multieffects pedal/interface i useit was recently updated or something and now after using after changes were made to it, it acts up…


Try to increase the Buffer Size of the driver.

What else could it be called and where in devices-setup is it located?
is there a way to shut off the “streaming driver dropout” warning?

You can Freeze your tracks.

[quote=“Martin.Jirsak”]You can Freeze your tracks

I’m not recording…using two tracks…guitar audio-instrument…

Than the only one way is to use an Audio Device with better driver.

Fellas forget it…I followed the directions from a YouTube video that midiguitar2 provided…and well, words cannot describe the sound…pure…pure.pure. heaven…thanks anywa
y…and above all thanks for Halion 2 se…WOWWW!!

All Problems solved…

I think the dropout warning comes from zoom g5n driver…the uncheck the warning box doesn’t work…frozen, whatever. .maybe someone still knows how to reset this particular driver to defaults?..