ASIO for Bluetooth devices

Hi ! I have got a bluetooth headphones Sony wf-1000xm3 , so is there possible direct monitoring with it out of any Steinberg`s DAW ?

No. It introduces too much latency for serious use.

Bluetooth is incapable of transceiving raw audio stream. It just doesn’t fit into available bandwidth. Audio is usually downsampled, compressed & encoded with something like aptX, SBC, LDAC or other BT codecs. And they introduce both additional latency and distortion. They are like MP3, but much worse, in my opinion.

Just get a wired headphones. Most of them have spring-like detachable cable nowadays.

Get a analog to bluetooth converter (it’s cheap) and plug it to the headphone output of your soundcard.
That’s how I check my mixes on lowfi blueetoth devices. Be aware there is a lot of latency, so that’s for master bus considerations only.