Asio-Guard causes Saturation

Hi there!
I noticed that, with Asio-Guard ON (on “normal” setting), if I record a track there’s saturation on both monitoring and playback.

Today I was recording vocals with a guy that tells me that “voice in the headphones is “strange””. I checked every single thing could cause such this thing so I clear every slot and every send on that track leaving ON only the monitoring. When I tried to uncheck “asio-guard” (the only thing i changed from a couple of day ago) the problem disappeared.

Do you think is possible? It’s so strange no-one noticed this issue…

I tried even with different pre-s (Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, Focusrite Octopre, Telefunken V672, other stuff) and the problem was still there.
I tried to monitor the signal directly from the MixControl panel of the Saffire Pro 40 and there were no saturation/distortion so the problem is in Cubase.

I use Cubase Pro 8/8.0.10 on Windows7x64 with the firewire Saffire Pro 40.

Thanks to all of you!

Here’s an idea… leave Asio-Guard off. Just a thought :ugeek: :ugeek:

Big +1 here.
Never used it, never have any problems.
Every time you install new plugins you need to check the plugin info window.
New plugins “magically” get a check mark in the ASIO guard column every time,
even if ASIO Guard is not turned on.

Not sure if this actually does anything but I need to keep ASIO Guard off
so I remove that check mark.

In fact i left it off to don’t have problems.
I was writing to know if someone else noticed this…!

On the other hand, I’ve to say that Asio-Guard really works well, dramatically lower the Cpu usage on very compex project with so many vst instrument opened (not really so much with plugs).

If someone would make a test, I appreciate.
The test should be recording a vocal (minimum buffer size) with and without the asio-guard and see what happen.