ASIO Guard issue, spikes, unusable

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Symptom: Audio engine is peaked out red lined and no audio can be played back smoothly.

Fix: disable Asio Guard. Runs like a charm.

Why does this happen in Cubase 9.0.1 but Cubase 8 runs fine? Is this related to Nvidia card drivers?

Another problem I have: when Cubase is open, playing back audio through Chrome or another app will often be distorted and choppy. Closing Cubase solves this. Even if cubase has no session loaded, the fact that Cubase.exe is running seems to cause the issue.

Have you tried to look for new audio drivers, rme have had some updates lately.


You are trying to access the RME with both cubase (ASIO ) and your browser (WDM)!
In your windows system sound panel, try to deactivate the RME, and activate your internal soundchip instead.

don´t know your configuration, but try to route cubase output to let´s say adat 1/2 playback channels in total mix (second row) - the thing is that your other apps should not use the same playback channels as cubase.

And than route adat 1/2 to your monitor outs in total mix - the RME manuals are really good and would help if you
don´t know how to do that :slight_smile:

hope that helps