Asio Guard meter usually high and with empty project getting peak and real time spikes

This issue is driving me nuts, Asio guard meter is always kinda high when peak and real time is sitting very low. almost doing nothing.
but than randomly I get spikes, I created a new project with nothing not even a single channel and real time and peak spikes all over the place than opened big project and that seemed to run ok but again asio guard very high.

running brand new Macbook pro m1 max, 64gb ram, monterey, rosetta 2 mode.

also strange thing I dont see the steinberg power scheme option anywhere anymore. not that thats related but that button used to be there I think.

Please HELP! I have actually bought 2x new computer since cubase 12. Ive had all the errors and issues and its super draining. I blame cubase stability this time. everything is up to date, all plugins and computer is super powerful.

Is there any fix? anyone know this issue or has the same system specs and dealing with similar stuff?

That’s normal, since there is no load on the CPU it will lower its clock and the meters will increase, but as soon as you have some load the clock will go higher and the meters decrease.
It is also normal for the ASIO-Guard to be high with large projects, please read information about how ASIO-Guard works : Details on ASIO-Guard in Cubase and Nuendo

Most importantly, are these “spikes” actually interfering with the audio stream ? Are you experiencing any dropouts ? Or is that only a “visual” thing that bothers you a lot ? One sure thing is that the new Cubase 12 Performance Meter can trigger OCD. :grin:

Because this is only for Windows.

What kind of errors and issues ?
There is indeed a lot of bugs currently but they are on the way to get fixed.

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after 2 and half hours of troubleshooting. If I turn off soundID the meters behave like normally but its just in new empty sessions, If I got back to a huge session with bunch of plugins engaged the soundID seems to behave like normal and no spikes on the meters. its very strange. but no solution on this. Ive reverted back to legacy version and same issue but than my profiles would not load so I went back to the newest. this issue seems to have something to do with soundID i would guess. thanks for the asio info. Im still surprised tho that my asio guard is so high only with medium big sesisons like 40-50 tracks, bunch of plugins but only audio tracks. I got 64gb of ram and M1 max. I would think it would be very easy task

I don’t have SoundID so I won’t be able to help you on this, however I’ve seen a lot of topics about it causing various issues, notably when inserting it in the Control Room (disable/enable CR would fix the performance issue but I’m not sure), I think if you use the search function you’ll find them easily.

Also I’m not on Mac (sorry again lol) but wouldn’t it have more performance when running in native instead of Rosetta ? Hopefully Mac users will come and help you better. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the replay ! gonna try disabel/enable control room

SounID engaged, and soundID off…
empty session, I dont believe this is normal

You can try to have the plugin in output bus rather than on the control room. I have seen more than one plugin that works fine in mixer output but not on control room so cubase handle the control room plugins differently.

Also maybe try inserting it in the main inserts in control room as opposed to the monitor section if this would work for you? Anecdotally with no proper testing this seemed to work better for me.

thanks for the suggestion, did not work for me tho

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