ASIO-Guard option with outboard FX in the mix , phase issues problem? Maybe not?

Hey guys.

I have a question about ASIO-Guard option.

I found a information in the Restrictions about
The ASIO-Guard cannot be used for:

Real time-dependent signals

External effects and instruments

I use 2 external compressors on drums in pararell for a long time.

When i measure external FX delay is change from 2.13 to 2.15 ms. Thats is very low.
When i start using asio-guard(with is great!) I didint notice any differences in the overall mix.
I can export in realtime big mixes with full masterchain and with outboard gear. When i read this information i was suprise because i did
many mixes with asio-guard help, and try to find any noticable differences…
I’m waiting for someone can lead me out from this possible error:)

Do you have any experience about that?

Many thanks!