ASIO - Guard ? Setting

I am new to Cubase and wonder how best to set the ASIO - Guard settings ? I am using 300 + tracks of Kontakt and other Score based Vis . I just set it to high thinking is a vst3 buffer but not really sure.

Asio Guard

I have a template that big and definitely always keep it on high. ASIO Guard mostly helps with maximizing single core performance, and single performance is all that matters when it comes to composing with CPU intensive plugins like Kontakt.

But there are many factors that will affect your performance.

Whether to keep CPU cores on or off in Kontakt is a matter of debate…official recommendation was off, but that was back before Kontakt instruments relied so much on the internal Kontakt effects, and now leaving it off within Kontakt doesn’t seem to cut it.

If you use VEP, you need to disable ASIO Guard for VEP.

If you want better to work at the lowest possible latencies, disable hyperthreading (intel) or SMT (AMD).

Goes on and on. You’ll have to experiment.

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