Asio Guard spiking. Cpu fine

So i have a 16 bar loop going. Using clip to zero method for gain staging and so every track has dp meter, kclip, blue cat gain, fab filter q3, and black box saturator. Nothing too intensive, and most tracks are audio.
However my asio guard is maxing out at times.
If i highlight a midi track, the asio guard drops, but if i highlight an audio track it maxes out.
I have also ran a bench test so to speak. I opened task manager and performance and watched the cpu and memory when this maxing out was taking place. Both the cpu and memory do not stress above 45%. No major load on either. So why is my asio guard maxing out.
I have the Scarlet 8i6 and it’s set to the max buffer size or 1024, there is nothing larger in the settings.

Am i mssing something here?
I’m running a Ryzen 7 1800X 8 core
32 gb DDR4 2666 mhz Corsair,
Corsair ssd M.2 MP510 1TB
Cubase pro 12
So it’s not a slow machine.

Could it be the Focasrite and it’s drivers?

Any help would be appreciated

Just to add, there is nothing else running oin the background when using cubase and windows has been streamlined to best performance.
There is one other i notice nearly all the time and that is down in the bottom right hand corner by the metronome, my midi activity window is alway jumpimg up. Even when nothing is playing. So i’m not sure what that is either?

Hi there, if the Cubase file had many hours run, random problems will occur.

It’s a Cubase bug, the more you use the file the more it will start creating errors and unexplained spikes.

I run very heavy sessions and have a very powerful computer, yet, same problems occur.

It’s a problem with the coding by Steinberg.

What I usually do is to create an instrument track (could be anything), I disable that track, and then select said track and voila, the project that was spiking like hell, runs fine now…still if I go onto an instrument track, I will have spikes, but at least I can run the program.

IMO, this is unacceptable, but on the other hand I recognize how complex Cubase is as a program…

The MIDI info showing could be a hardware problem such as a broken pitch-bend or something to that effect.

It’s only a guess but is it an old C11 template you are using ? if so try to import the tracks directly into and EMPTY project and see if this still happens

There is a setting in preferences that record arms tracks automatically when you select them, is that on ?

If the record arm bottom icon on the track is red when selecting the track it will be putting that track in low latency record mode. Which means all the other tracks are on ASIO guard but your selected track is low latency which stresses out all the other tracks as they try to keep up.

I don’t think I had that on in C11 but in C12 it seems to be on by default. Try turning that off.

Failing that 12.0.30 does have a CPU fix in it apparently when it comes out.

you should first of all run Latency mon and check if it reports any problems

Resplendence Software - LatencyMon: suitability checker for real-time audio and other tasks

Yes i have that and checked. It was good. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up on that. I didn’t know about that. I will take a look and see . :slight_smile:

Hey, that’s sounds like a work around so I’ll give that a go.

I’ll check my keyboard for any faults.


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Hi, No this was a new project started in C12. So don’t think that would be it.