ASIO Guard Timing issue on export

Hey Cubase friends! First time poster, though I’ve been lurking for a while. For low latency monitoring on a big scoring template, ASIO guard is mind blowing! However, I am getting some timing issues if I export a project with ASIO guard left on. An example of this is one project I have where two midi drum kits are playing the same groove. If I export it with ASIO guard on, the two kits kind of “flam” and play close to each other, but not exactly in time. If I just turn off ASIO guard before export, everything lines up perfectly. The strange thing is that playback in Cubase with ASIO guard on leaves everything lining up perfectly as well. The problem only presents itself on export. My workaround has (obviously) been to just turn off ASIO guard before export. Has anyone else run into this issue before? Does anyone else turn off ASIO guard before export? Thanks!