ASIO Guard

After upgrading my rig to the i7 5960 CPU on an Asus x99 Deluxe I was disappointed with overall ASIO performance. CPU utilisation is approximately 1/2 of what it was on my old rig (i7 2600) but ASIO was basically the same.

I turned on ASIO guard and checked all my plugins to ensure ASIO guard was enabled on all plugs that supported ASIO Guard and that did the trick. My ASIO performance has dropped in half, no artefacts/issues. It seems ASIO guard likes dormant CPUs and with 8 cores there seems to be a lot of it.

Hope this helps somebody.

How did you check asio guard for each plug?

IN the Plugin Information window there is a column labelled ASIO Guard which lets you determine the activation for each individual plugin. :wink:

Well, nice!
But then again, ASIO Guard is basically Steinberg’s multithreading solution, so with your new processor and 16 available threads, you’re golden!
Happy recording!


Thanks!! So far so good, very happy overall. I believe ASIO guard is actually a pre-rendering solution which looks ahead and pre-processes and caches everything it can using spare CPU resources.