I’m confused with asio-guard. I’m working on project ,20 audio tracks (32 bit/96 kHz) with frozen plugins, 5 FX busses and 5 group tracks, but still my Asio-guard is peaking. I’m running cubase 12 native apple silicon. In audio performance, Real Time is 5 %, Peak is 5%, Disk Cache is 2 %, but Asio-guard is peaking to 100%.
If I look at activity monitor on OSX, cubase is only using 9% of my CPU’s and 6% GPU.

Cubase configuration:
Asio driver Quantum 2 (Input latency 21.471 ms, Output latency 21.583 ms, Asio-Guard Latency 106.667 ms, Sample rate 96 kHz) Processing Precision 32 bit float.
Activate Multi processing enabled
Activate Asio-Guard enabled and asio-guard level: High
Audio Priority : Boost
Disk Preload : 3 seconds

Quatum 2 soundcard: Clock source internal and buffer size 2048 Samples

My specs:

  • m1 ultra
  • quantum 2 soundcard (latest drivers), also tried internal sound card
  • MacOS 12.6.1
  • cubase 12.0.50

Is use a lot of sends / side chains to FX and group tracks are used to clean the audio with Trackspacer and soothe2.
I used before Logic Pro, and there were tricks to use more Cores. Are there tips/trics to make it more performant for Cubase ?

Do you hear some crackling or stuttering?
The ASIO guard meter is just showing that it’s working and how much it is working.
If it’s working at 100% it doesn’t mean that there is a performance problem.

When it’s below 100%, nu stuttering or crackling. If it goes above 100%, the music stops for a fraction.