ASIO Issues

Hello all. Finally moved from Cubase VST to Pro 9.5 (ouch!), purchased box set from Sweetwater. I am using ASIO4ALL, and my audio tracks are coming from my MONITORS of all things, which are connected via Display Port - never even knew these things could make a sound, no other software I have does this. Ableton is sending the audio where it should with ASIO4ALL, but Cubase is not. My Pro 9.5 Audio Output is set to ASIO4ALL, and I would like to select either my local PC speakers or a MOTU MK2 (which Ableton does just fine). Any ideas?

Specs, if it matters: PC, I7, 32G, Radeon RX580, 4x500G SSD

You should get the ASIO drivers for the MOTU and use them instead of ASIO4ALL. Perhaps you have them already. There’s a somewhat complex procedure that starts at Selecting an Audio Driver in the manual. Read thru to the end of “ASIO Driver Setup”.

Aside from Colin’s perfectly reasonable suggestion to use the dedicated MOTU drivers which will nearly always give the best results, you could try delving into the ASIO4ALL settings. One of the advantages of ASIO4ALL is that it can access more than one audio device at a time, the disadvantage is that by default it may not select the one you actually want to use. Not at the PC I have with ASIO4ALL installed on so can’t go further at the moment.

Hmmm. The ASIO4ALL manual is not particularly helpful. I attached a screenshot of the interface. Is there some way to label the available outputs as, say ‘Speakers’, ‘Gaming Headset’, ‘MOTU’, etc?

No, the ASIO4ALL manual is not the best but then it is freeware and no, don’t think you can rename devices in there either.

I understand that it works (when it does) by using the sound devices’ WDM drivers and then bundling them together in its ASIO driver. Unfortunately there aren’t compatible WDM drivers for all devices and it looks like your MOTU is one of them. On the system I’m typing from it only sees my onboard soundcard and the Sonic Port VX interface but not the Yamaha THR5.

Looks like you’re going to have to use the ASIO drivers for the MOTU. Are they not listed as an option in the ASIO device selection list in Cubase?

They are, but (naturally) only when the Big Audio Rack is turned on. Sometimes I just want to hear work on my small PC speakers. Another issue that I’m having is that if Omni-2 is using ASIO, and routed to the PC speakers, when I play audio over the internet (Church material that I’m learning), it wants to go to the headphones. It seems that different audio-generating apps are fighting for control of ASIO4ALL…