ASIO Latency compensation (active by Default)

Hi, come across this setting. There is also a setting at latency to midi thru processing. I have a vague idea what’s going on just wondered what the pros or maybe even more interested in what the cons are so having these settings on.


“Adjust for Record Latency” is intended to compensate for latency in VST plug-ins that are inserted in input(!) channels.

interesting I never knew this. So what harm would there be in this being set as default?


Adjust for record latency is a bit of a weird one as it’s attempting to adjust for the way you might instinctively play a bit ahead of the beat if you are hearing latency in the instrument you are playing. But there is no guarantee every player will do that.

Applies to anything where you’re monitoring the played instrument through Cubase so amp sims etc as well as vsti.

As ever direct monitoring is always the best option, and low as possible latency if you need to monitor in the DAW.

So if I am using a VSTi (Kontakt or HALion) inserted on an instrument track and playing it via my USB master keyboard recording its midi to the instrument track , what’s the difference with compensation on or off ?

I can’t really tell ?

I think if you use direct monitoring then even recording midi is OK without this… could be wrong… however you could set your latency so you can feel it then set up a VSTi and a separate audio/group track and route the output of the VSTi track to that. Then record arm them both and play some 1/4 notes to the click and see how the midi track and the audio line up.