ASIO latency problems

Hi to all, Cubasers,
I need to know how to solve my ASIO problems.
I usually works with Guitar Rig 4 (NI), String Sessions (NI), Scarbee Bass (NI), Addictive Drums (XLN Audio), Ozone for the mastering part and some Steinberg FX (as reverb, compressor etc.); well this is the preset for most of my projects.
Unfortunately when I put all this plugins to work together my ASIO latency indicator is always in red, even rising the latency of my sound card.

I use a MBP with Intel Dual Core @ 2,44 Ghz - 8GB RAM DDR 3 @ 1066 MHz, SSD disk, M-Audio Fast Track Pro (USB Sound card).

Well at the first time I thought was a CPU so I moved to my PC Desktop but, same results.

My equip for the PC are: Intel Core Duo @3,00 3GHz (Dual Core), 8 Gb RAM DDR2 800MHz, M-Audio Fast Track Pro (USB Sound card).

Any suggestions how to fix my problems? Have I to change my sound card, or it’s a matter of CPU/RAM?
Really I don’t know how I can record vocal parts too :smiley:

Thanks again friends.



The ASIO meter is an ASIO Load indicator, not a latency indicator!

Thus it would seem that Your ASIO loading is too much, due to having to many heavy plugins loaded for your system.

To reduce to load so you can get the sound cards buffer setting down to a reasonable amount for vocal tracking, try freezing the VSTi’s and switching off any unnecessary plugins and setting the constrain delay compensation switch to on.

Many thanks “Split”, I’ll try to freeze some VSTi, or maybe export track by track to re-import then in the project even if isn’t so handly with huge project with a lot of tracks/instruments ^^

Also a good tip if you need to run very low latency to track on a heavy project is to just do a quick mix of the project, switch off all plugins, VSTi’s etc, mute all the channels and work from the quick mix.

yep, could be another way to run towards the end of the project :wink:. Again thanks for your suggestions!

Get rid of the maudio fast track pro :wink:

Had it lots of troubles trashed it got a rme and now i crackle because skills aren’t good engough to get crackles out of my rme. Better drivers better sound.

Greetz Bassbase

Thanks Bassbase, any suggestions for a great external audio interface MacOS compatible?

Hi all,

I am new to Cubase.
My need is simple:
How do i Live record on track 2, the contents (a snare hit) from track 1?

This vide shows how to fix the issue but does not show how he records one track
to another:

that is what I need to do: record track 1 onto track 2 (live) while playing track 1 (live)
and to do it within the system, not by dragging a track to a track.



Using Cubase Artist 6, Win7 64bit, Presonus Firestudio, rocket ship for PC.