ASIO Meter (CPU)

I am a bit confused with the ASIO meter that shows in the transport bar.

I am currently working on a project and the bar is around 30-40% full, so technically I’ve got at the most 60% more ASIO resources availible.

But for some reason the red overload meter keeps sporadically lights up and I get glitches. I can’t make sense of it, nothing seems to be overloading in the process manager.

Anything else I can test it with ?

Could be a disk overload. You got any Projects that don’t use large sample libraries etc?

I know we’re in the C6 section but if there is a manual for C7 available now it is called the VST Performance Window and:

explains the new 3 part meter. I don’t know if it clarifies anything for you.

Thanks, I guess it just means that the average load is what I am seeing and the spikes could be causing the overload.

I don’t think I have much choice but to increase my ASIO latency.

Ah well, nothing too major, i’ll increase the firewire buffer, not the latency, see if that helps :slight_smile:

The spikes are likely due to you having the option engaged to “suspend VST3 processing while not in use”…so, if you have a plug in that is on a track that ONLY plays during the bridge, it will only use processing power on the bridge. If you have audio chopped up all over it will engage and disengage a lot during the linear playback of a song.

Of course, disabling that option will just make it overload the whole time. Which means you need more juice for what you’re trying to do…or a bigger buffer to process it in.

I’ve found the problem , it’s a bridged plug-in.

I use the Korg M1 plugin with jbridge. It’s giving off CPU spikes. Lots of options with jbridge, i’ll try some of them.

At least the good news is that Korg are making the native 64bit verisons.