ASIO Midi delay compensation different for VEPro Tracks

So awhile back Steinberg introduced a midi delay compensation feature to compensate for the audio delay in midi playback we hear due to latency settings. To be totally honest it’s never felt “right” to me; I still find that I have to nudge all my recordings onto the grid far more often then I do in Logic.

That said, I’m encountering a bug with it that is pretty egregious. Namely, if I record on both a VEPro track and a track with a VI loaded inside Cubase itself, and delay compensation enabled on both tracks, the midi data records at slightly offset values.

Happy to provide more info/screenshots if it helps but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.

Ok, here’s a screenshot illustrating the problem-

The green track is a Kontakt Instance loaded into Cubase. The purple track is one loaded into VEPro, and the pink one is another Kontakt instance loaded into Cubase. ASIO latency compensation is enabled on all tracks, and as you can see, the recorded midi data is different.

I’m surprised this doesn’t concern more folks…I’ll go ahead and report it as a bug!

I think the silence has more to do with only a small percentage of users use VEpro. I don’t, would like to help if I could.
Have you tried turning the delay compensation off on the VEPro tracks ?

this is caused by additional buffers of latency in ensemble settings.