"Asio not processing", Nuendo Live 2 crashes, Windows 11 22H2

Hi there!
Anyone else having trouble running Nuendo Live 2 with Windows 11 22H2?
I’m not able to load any asio driver other than the windows stock “generic low latency asio driver”
without crashing Nuendo Live. Either right away or after trying to activate/ deactivate inputs & outputs. In the Asio tab it will always say “ASIO not processing” (except with the generic driver).
What’s the explanation for that message?
I’m running Nuendo 12 on the same machine, no trouble here at all and very reliable with any ASIO.
Also I have another Laptop running Nuendo Live 2 on Windows 10, also no trouble here at all - everything’s running rock solid.

Maybe it’s time for a little Nuendo Live 2 fix after 5 Years with no updates whatsoever…?
Thank’s for any help. …Steinberg…?