Asio overload

This problem has been adressed earlier but have not been answered

I recently upgraded my system:
6core intel i7 3.3ghz
32gb ddr4
X99 motherboard intel chipset
1gb gpu
Cubase 5.1.12
Windows 10

I do now have sporadic asio usage that peaks and is very unstable when using Vsts.
But my cpu is running at 5% when stress testing with 3 loaded instances of izotope 5.

What ive tried is: usbconnected and firewire audio interfaces.
Rme, firepod and steinberg ci2.

Ive used asio 4 all and drivers following the soundinterfaces.

Does anybody have some similar experiences or fixes to share?
I’ve ordered cubase 8 hoping that it will fix it but i still prefer cubase 5.

Windows 10, try Windows 7

Tried windows 7, same problem.

You need native ASIO drivers.
Sorry no warranty for ASIO4ALL drivers!