ASIO PCie Soundcard Recommendation?

I have a big problem getting the Cubase 12 trial sounding on my old computer with a Gigabyte X79-UD3, LGA 2011 motherboard.

I tried using an Audio Interface (Behringer UMC204HD) but no sound slips out of Cubase, no matter what I try (from my Mixcraft DAW it works).

Perhaps the way to go is to buy a separate PCIe card, but then I have no idea what card would be a “good enough” card for say around 100 USD. It seems Cubase requires the soundcard to support something called ASIO.

USB solutions good or bad?

Any advice would be welcome.


Cubase should generally be used with soundcards that have an ASIO driver, for performance and latency.
I don’t know the Behringer UMC204 specifically, but I am pretty sure that it supports ASIO. Did you install the UMC drivers from the product page (Behringer | Product | UMC204HD)?

USB interfaces are perfectly fine in general. There can be big differences in driver quality and performance, and for the lowest latency PCIe interfaces are unbeatable, but there aren’t many anymore, and they tend to be on the more expensive side and for specific professional use (except maybe the ESI).

Thank you for replying @fese

I actually had the latest UMC driver installed (since I purchased the Interface not very long ago), and it seems that I also get a signal from the instrument (if I interpret the Cubase UI correctly), but no sound on the hardware output.


It works fine in all my other software, like Mixcraft, VCL or Brave browser etc. Only Cubase doesn’t handle the most basic stuff.

Can’t waste more time on the Cubase Trial at this time. (hey sales department, hassle like this is how you lose a lot of potential customers…).

Anyway, I ordered a PCIe card so I’ll try again next week.