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I have some problems with my Nividia GTX 1060. Latencymon showed me, that the Nividia driver is the reason for peaks in the Performance Meter Window. Actually, I can’t see the peaking meter but the red light turns on (It drives me crazy by the way).

So my question. When I raise the buffer size than I can’ t hear any clicks or drop outs. Is there still a chance I have drop outs on the recorded Audio?

Thank you

cubase 10.5 Pro

Well, nvidia drivers are very well know for bad audio application - they force cpu to wait which reduce real time performance. I have also nvidia drivers and even when I have big buffer settings, sometimes is there some overload. Im not completely sure, but sometimes it seems that even if overload is indicated, audio is not affected. If You need solid proof application, consider different graphic card with solid drivers, some recommendation can be found in this forum.

Nvidia’s drivers are absolutely terrible. If you have had your graphics card for a while, they add bloatware to slow things down which even can create BSOD crashes. They just want you to upgrade your graphics card and they are very aggressive in their approach.

You can try to use their “Studio Driver” instead of the “Game Ready Driver”, there is a dropdown on the download page. They are generally more stable and better behaved. They also don’t include all the bloatware.

And for the record, I’ve been using nvidia drivers with Cubase forever without any issues, so I don’t think it’s general problem.

Are you running the latest drivers ?
I have absolutely no problem using Nvidia cards, I currently have a gtx670, gtx1060 and a rtx2070 running.
Drivers are super stable, way better than AMD and Intel.
That said Nvidia uses a very high priority for the card, something that the manufacturer bake into the card.
However something like outdated or generic chipset drivers for your motherboard, can really make this a nightmare.
Or said in a different way, everything else has to be up to date and working correctly, then there is a good chance your system will perform well even with a Nvidia card.

Sorry it just triggers me to see Nvidia cards described as BAD, when in fact they are the best on the market including drivers.
I’m not saying AMD cards are BAD, and the issues the drivers have would probably not be an issue for you, if you only are running Cubase all day long.
Now I feel better :slight_smile:

No problem here - running a GTX 1660. I will mention that you should have NVidia’s screen “instant replay” recorder turned off. I haven’t experienced any issues with it, it just makes sense to have that background process disabled.

NVidia causes latencymon failure, and then Cubase runs perfectly for me. At least for now. I don’t know how to interpret that.

Thank you for all the advice.
I already had the newest Studi driver.
I made now a new Windows install and now, the nvidia driver seems to run much smoother.
Kind regards

I suffers very serious audio drops only when using dual monitor. I use UR12.

here what you should do:

Display Driver Uninstaller
Nvidia Studio Drivers (Last version)
Nvidia Drivers (old version like 1 year)


  1. Uninstall Nvidia drivers in SAFE MODE with Display Driver Uninstaller (Make sure after boot windows in normal mode, windows doesn’t setup drivers automaticly)
  2. run driver setup and UNCHECK everything except driver (btw u cant uncheck driver). you should install only driver, without trash.
  3. after installation - open nvidia control panel and make sure power option is set to maximum performance
  4. reboot, test.

if u have same problem, try other driver (older one)