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This might not be a Doico question, but since this is the smartest group of people I know, I thought I’d start here…
I have developed a recent problem: my 2017 iMac running Ventura 13.6 randomly doesn’t recognize my Focusrite 2i2 interface when I open Dorico. I am using NotePerformer 4 for my sounds. As seen in the screenshot, when I check the ASIO driver in my Audio Device settings, the only options I get are Built In Audio or ZoomAudioDevice. While the speakers on my Mac are fine, they aren’t the quality of my PreSonus speakers. Sometimes (not every time) if I restart, my ASIO shows my Scarlett 2i2 interface. Does anyone have any advice?
/Users/admin/Desktop/Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 12.03.36 PM.png

Also, everything else on my computer plays back through my 2i2 and desktop speakers!

In that moment, when Dorico does not recognize your Scarlet, do other apps actually play out through it?
Also, could you please do from the Dorico menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks

Other apps do indeed play through my Scarlett when this situation is occurring
Attached is the requested Dorico Diagnostic, and thank you so much for your help!

Dorico (1.6 MB)

Which generation Scarlett 2i2 (there are so many)? Do you have the latest drivers for Ventura (sorry, had to ask!). Latest firmware for the 2i2? Is the one you have known to be fully compatible with Mac Ventura 13.6?

Have you checked the audio bitrate is the same in Dorico and the interface? Do you have another different USB audio interface to isolate the problem to Dorico or the Focusrite?

Hi @David_Campo, the logs show that indeed your Scarlet is seen by the audio engine and sometimes not. We have a mediating component that sits between Apple’s Core Audio and our ASIO world. One can enable some additional logging in that component. I’m at the moment at the wrong computer, so can’t retrieve the info of how to enable that extra logging right now. I will come back as soon as possible.

Hi @David_Campo ,

please open a Terminal window (/Applications/Utilities/

and in there copy and paste the following commands:

defaults write com.steinberg.components.coreaudio2asio "Debug Level" -int 3


defaults write com.steinberg.components.coreaudio2asio "Debug File" -string /Users/[yourname]/Desktop/CA2ASIOdebugout.txt

(pease exchange above the [yourname] with your username on that computer)

Then start Dorico and try to get it into that state where it does not recognize your Scarlet, or better make it reappear again. When you then stop Dorico, have a look at your Desktop for the CA2ASIOdebugout.txt and send me that text file.

And, because that logging is quite performance consuming, switch the logging off again by doing

defaults write com.steinberg.components.coreaudio2asio "Debug Level" -int 0

I hope it is not too complicated. Please let me know in case of any question.

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Ulf, I have not had the same issue again and I’m hesitant to try your solution until the problem pops up again. I’ll keep it ready in the event that my Scarlett 2i2 isn’t recognized, but for now I think I’ll just leave it alone… Thanks for your help and advice!

Hi David, you are more than welcome.
And wise decision. If it works now, leave it like it is and come back should the problem return.