"ASIO Sample rate has changed"

Always I have my interface set at 48kHz, but a friend brought over a project set up at 44.1. In case he wanted to work on his end some more I set the project in Cubase up in 44.1 kHz. Everything is fine until somewhere in the middle of the session I get a popup saying the sample rate has changed. No matter what box I check the sound card changes to 48. The only thing I can do is revert back to saved. That fixes it until it decides to popup again. My earlier version of Cubase did not have this problem. The driver allows between 16 bit and 24 bit but only in Cubase can I set up the frequency. Any suggestions?

Did you enable sync to external? Deactivate it.

Thanks. I will try that.

Another problem was Windows security updates popup. Since I am not on the internet, I disabled that and reset Windows sound to the local sound card. So far, so good.