ASIO SDK how to process audio buffers

So I am working on some audio processing software and I’m kinda confused on some of the ASIO audio processing. From what I’m reading, It seems like when the buffer switch callback is made, I need to process the “input” into the “output” vivavideomaker. But what if I have a different number of input and output channels? And I’m guessing I need to do the format conversions if my input and output format do not match right?

I think you’re in the wrong forum.

I also think you might confuse ASIO and VST.
VST is for writing plug-ins that for example provide audio effects or instruments. These plug-ins are hosted by Digital Audio Workstations like e.g. Cubase.
ASIO on the other hand deals with shuffling audio data between a Digital Audio Workstation and the audio interface. So ASIO is just a transport mechanism that does no processing on the audio data as such.