Asio set to 44.1K but actually records at 48K - slow playback

I use a Motu Mr- Asio panel set to 44.1K. Cubase Elements 10.5 Project set to 44.1K. record multiple audio tracks with midi rhythm, add effects and mix the track - all works great. When I mixdown to 44.1k 16 Bit WAV file then the WAV file plays slow and low. It turns out that Cubase actually recorded the track at 48k even though the properties in the pool show 44.1k. When I reopen project in Cubase it then also plays slow and low - which can be fixed by changing the Motu Asio panel to 48K - great for listening and mixing but bar lines no longer line up with music!!!

Any ideas???



this is very unlikely
maybe your export is set to 48kHz?

Thanks for the reply. Export is 44.1k 16 bit. Project is set to 44.1k and project now plays slow in Cubase. To fix I change MOTU Asia to 48k and ignore Cubase wanting to convert files. Cubase now has 44.1k files but MOTU is 48k and it plays back from Cubase in correct key and speed - but bar lengths are all wrong. Tracks were somehow recorded at 48k but Cubase thinks they are 44.1k.

I have raised issue with both MOTU and Steinberg - awaiting replies!!!

I can fix the mix down using Audacity and changing sample rate of wave file to 48k then save as 44.1k WAV for cd. Clearly this is first aid and not a fix.

I have made many recordings with no issue. This week I upgraded to Elements 10.5.20 - perhaps this is the issue?

I think I’ve solved it after fantastic response from the Motu support team. Steinberg still to respond!!

Motu Asio was set to 44.1k. Cubase Project was set to 44.1 k. In the background Windows 10 was set to 44.1k on the outputs BUT 48k on the inputs. It would seem this is why Cubase recorded at 48k.

The real mystery to me is why did Cubase record at 48k but label the recordings as 44.1k. Almost certainly a Windows “feature”!

I will make sure that any future recording sessions have Motu, Cubase Project, Windows IN and Windows OUT set to same sample rate.

Hope this helps somebody else having similar issues.