ASIO Setup in Cubase 6.5.1 64 bit

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I buyed Cubase 6.5 2 few days ago. And have a problem with ASIO drivers. There are many clicks and brakes sounds in 64 version. Then I also installed x32 version and it is working good (with the same ASIO setup). What can it be?

Win 7 home edition
M-audio Fast Track pro (and ASIO4All)

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Doesn’t the Fast Track have its own ASIO driver? Why are you using ASIO4ALL instead?

I use Fast Track native driver, but also I installed Asio4All and tried to work with it.

Hi how big is your buffersize usbengerysavefunctions deactivated?

I had also an Fass track Pro and this card is just not really a great deal. Thats why i spent 400€ to get an internal RME card.

You could try to sign up for the new betadriver and test if its a bit better.

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you quotes are so bad .

you can buy a steinberg interface which does nearly zero latency for less than £150 so dont listen to basebass , i use a c12+ with my laptop setup and there is no issue’s with 40 tracks (vsti’s ) with extra audio no problems with pops and crackles but you do really need to search for a decent soundcard ,WHICH STEINBERG MAKE CHEAPER THAN 400 EURO’S …
Has your setup got a "texas instrument chipset " ?

Composerr, M-Audio drivers are not the best, but I think, it should works.

Try to optimize your system, it helps very often in these cases.

To be honest, RME drivers are much more better. The BabyFace, for example, is great deal, in my opinion.

I think you’re confusing this interface with a firewire one. Fast track pro is USB…
And, to the OP - Steinberg or RME; I don’t think you need another audio interface. But you should use the correct driver - its own ASIO driver. Also report your sample rate and buffer size (latency) and play around with those.

Yes own ASIO driver. And JUST ASIO, no Full Duplex, no DirectX, etc. If I remember this is just M-Audio USB ASIO driver. Something simply like this.


Give the betadriver of maudio a try, you need to sign in
With the fast track pro i was able to run projects with 512mb Asiobuffer until 10 tracks reached or a compressor was inserted. Then I had to go up with the buffersize slowly to 1024 but even then i had issues.

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Hi Composerrr:

1/ You write Windows 7 HomeEdition. You mean Win 7 Home Premium 64bit?
2/ Laptop or Desktop?
3/ Which processor? How many GHz?
4/ What other software is running at the same time?
5/ how many channels are you playing and with which effects?

Pops and clicks mean usually that your processor cannot follow and “drowns” in the audio stream.Very often effects are the cause as these make signals very complicated.

If you have this problem always, you need either more buffer-size (512, 1024,…) but there will be a short space in time between what you play and what you hear.

If you restart and the problem is sometimes there and sometimes gone ( I had this problem) then a complete fresh install of Windows and all soft is recommended. It turned out I had a probklem with a VirtualC++2005…I didn’t even know it was there. This was caused by a Windows update…

From the Avid betaforum

Download the latest Windows Fast Track Pro driver.

Release Date: June 22, 2012

Installer Version: 6.1.7

Applies To:
Fast Track Pro

Operating Systems Supported:
Windows 7 SP1 (32-Bit & 64-Bit)
Windows Vista SP2 (32-Bit & 64-Bit)

Release Notes:

Enabled ProTools private ASIO future calls in the public ASIO driver. This will enable future versions of Pro Tools to use the public ASIO driver, and will allow Avid to eventually eliminate the private, PACE-wrapped ASIO driver. This change should have no effect on current Pro Tools products or other ASIO hosts.

Fixed: Fast Track Pro audio output fails randomly on Windows XP and Win 7_64 systems

Fixed: Fast Track Pro S/PDIF input and output’s name is not consistent in SONAR and Cubase

Fixed: Not able to see input signal in the Windows Sound control panel.

Fixed: Fast Track Pro windows sound error

Fixed: Audio Dropouts or failure occurs when playing iTunes or Youtube sound for more than 5 minutes

Fixed: Multi-Client support for M-Audio USB 1.1 devices appears to be broken in all drivers that support Windows Vista/Windows 7

Fixed: issue that prevented Fast Track Pro from functioning with system APOs. While this feature worked in a previous release, changes to the calculation of the filter name necessitated an update to the said name. See > Technical features new to Windows Vista - Wikipedia > for an overview of available processing with system APOs.

Fixed: Control Panel issue where panel text could be truncated when the OS is set to high DPI mode.

Fixed: Various stability/reliability improvements to the streaming driver.

Fixed: Blue screen caused by removing the device during streaming.

Added FirmwareUpdater, which updates Fast Track Pro to version 1.0.2.

Enable/Disable the sample rate and clock source controls when the streaming status changes.

Sleep mode is now fully supported

Updates to the way in which latencies are reported to hosts.

General improvements to streaming driver stability.

Fix the hardware ID that is reported to Pro Tools.

Added new graphics for radio buttons and buffer size controls

Fixed: Blue screen when the device is set to a sampling rate of 96kHz, and only one pair of inputs (and no outputs) is active.

Fixed: Bug that allowed a message box, which is used for debugging, to appear in the release build of the Firmware Updater.

Fixed: Layout of “device not found” message in the Firmware Updater.

Thank you for contributing to the Avid Beta community.

By downloading and installing this file, the evaluator agrees that M-Audio shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise in connection with the furnishing, performance or use by the evaluator of this product, including without limitation, any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages.

Evaluator acknowledges by entering into this agreement that M-Audio provides no warranties as to the correctness, functionality or suitability of the products for any particular purpose. M-Audio provides no assurance that any specific errors or discrepancies in the product will be corrected.

So perhaps its worth to sign in in their beta test forum

Zipfile of latest betadriver for FTP

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