ASIO sound issues - not playing for project /video

Hello, If I remember right, there is an option to allow ASIO sound to be used by any project and also by other software or video. It is an option somewhere, but I cannot find it - can anyone help please ?

It used to be somewhere in Edit menu > setup audio devices (or something similar)

If you are on Windows, in the Control Panel of the Generic Low Latency Driver there is an option to allow exclusive access to the audio device. This option should be deselected when you want to listen to Dorico and e.g. YouTube at the same time.
As Marc mentioned, go to Edit > Device Setup and there click on the Control Panel button. A new little window opens where that option is to be found right at the top.

Thank you - now I can get on with music ! My computer suffered a major mishap a week ago, with a new empty hard drive. I have been trying to get things back to normal ever since.

This is one of the reasons why Dorico is such a good place : a comprehensive program, and also a very helpful forum.


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