ASIO Time Overload

Why, out of the clear blue is the “ASIO Time Overload” red led on my transport bar illuminated on start up of Cubase?
No meters, no audio, nothing…

Check to make sure you have the right driver selected in your device set-up.

I did

Try trashing your prefs?

Im not sure how to trash my preferences.
I do think that it seems to be driver oriented…I think
VST Performance meter shows no activity other than the orange light on far right is on
If I switch to another driver , I at least show audio levels.
Not sure why suddenly there would be a driver issue though…strange

You might want to check to see if you have the latest sound card driver. If you do, you might want to reinstall it.

Did it
Changed nothing

Still sounds like a sound card problem. Have you tried or even have another choice for a different driver using your motherboard sound card? I’m assuming your interface has a built in sound card that you are presently using. Disconnect it before you attempt another driver/sound card.

I am up and running…for the time being.
After doing the same song and dance w trying to figure this out, I ended up opening a new project. I set up a mono track and …It works!?
I close that project and reopen the previous project and its working again!?
What is the deal?

Now that stupid red light is on all the time for me. Opening a project, initializing a VSTi, all the time that darn light goes on. Its Cubase, dont think about it.