ASIO Trouble

Please forgive the fact I am completely new to cubase. This is my first time with advanced production software. I’m aware that I probably missed something obvious but I really can’t seem to work it out.

I downloaded Cubase Pro 12 today, and I’ve been trying to get my audio to work. I went to Studio > Studio Setup and these are the ASIO drivers I can access:
I have a pretty cheap AJJ audio interface (I don’t even know the model), so I don’t know if it’s supposed to have its own driver. I installed voicemeeter for an earlier project and the General Low Latency ASIO Driver seems to map only to voicemeeter. The same goes for the voicemeeter virtual ASIO driver.

I’ve checked the f4 menu and I can’t find a setting where I can connect to my interface
The only option that works is to connect to voicemeeter, and then map voicemeeter to my audio interface - but this causes a lot of latency (unless this is a separate issue).

Using the Realtek ASIO, the meter bar freezes and I can’t hear anything.

What am I missing?

You have to open the Control Panel of the driver to configure.

Also, when you post screenshots, please post the whole entire window.

Watch this.

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Much appreciate it, thank you

I would first of all advice to inquire about a dedicated ASIO driver with the maker of your audio interface. Currently your device doesn’t have its own driver installed.