ASIO user data for callbacks

Alright, I know this particular board is for form suggestions and the like, but there is seriously nowhere to submit ‘suggestions’ (pleas and desperate cries for help) for products or, in my case, the ASIO framework.

I know Steinberg is up to ASIO2 now, and I’m hoping they’re going to make an ASIO3 framework.

Right now, I’ve been stuck on the dang callbacks for a few days. For one, it is extremely difficult to load more than one driver - which, however, I’ve achieved. The callbacks, however, provide absolutely no way of discerning between drivers through the use of any sort of user data or driver pointers, etc.!

Cmon, really guys? I’m resorting to non-portable methods (I’ve tried weird hooking methods, function cloning through buffer allocation, and now on to module snapshots and stack traces).

It’s kind of ridiculous. Just use a struct with virtual methods to be implemented and it’ll fix everything. I would do it, but alas it would break all third party ASIO drivers.

Fix this!