ASIO4ALL Driver - No Output Sound

Dear Team,
I want a help from professional experts in these forums. Attaching my most sad problem in life while connecting my psr s900 with cubase.
Please Please Please help me.
Cubase.doc (442 KB)

Everything looks good on your screenshots. But there’s one missing: “Devices | VST Connections | Outputs”. Could you please post a screenshot of this window also.

PS. Please don’t attach .DOC files on your posts. They may carry malware. I almost decided not to open your attachment.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for looking into my problem.

Also attaching the 2 screenshots of Cubase inbuilt ASIO + ASIO4ALL Drivers | VST Connections | Output Section.The inbuilt Cubase Directx ASIO driver I can hear the sound but with delay. Also Sir I read somewhere that normally the DAWs conflict with the inbuilt Windows MIDI (Roland) Driver. Is this true.
Yesterday I went to one of my friend’s place and saw Protools & FruityLoops on his Desktop. He uses the inbuilt desktop sound card & M-Audio Midi K/B. And you wont believe there was absolutely no delay. I was amazed to see it. Just dont understand why my “badluck is so bad” - Indian Term :smiley:.
If you’re free today I can give you remote of my laptop too if you feel you want to check it yourself.

Thanks a lot again.

I felt Cubase is more complete towards music creation than any other software as its to the point no unwanted stuff and the mixing capabilities are awesome. What do you feel?

You can disable VST system link, that’s for linking multiple PC’s together. You getting that error about it doesn’t matter either, you won’t be using it unless you really know what you’re doing.
Asio4All in 99% of the cases works better than the DirectX driver (as you already noticed from the latencies). The fact that you get no sound probably means your VST output is not set correctly, which is why Jarno requested that screenshot :slight_smile:
What I’m seeing there is that you selected ‘Hpout’ as your output (using asio4all), while with the DirectX driver you selected speakers as your output. The first question is: what are you using for audio output? Are you using the laptop speakers, or the headphone output? The HPout is the headphone output, the speakers is the laptop speaker. The output you want to use you should enable in the Asio4All control panel (speaker is disabled in your screenshot), and then also selected at the VST audio output window in Cubase.

As for onboard audio interfaces: it’s really hit and miss with those. On my previous desktop I had some no-name onboard soundcard that actually worked quite well, but it also had a soundblaster PCI expansion card which was a horror to use. (don’t ever buy anything from Creative if you want to use a DAW!!!). On my current DAW machine (HP laptop) the onboard audio is also mostly useless. It can manage if I stay below 5 tracks at a high buffer size, but like you said, the result is a big delay.
In general I’d say you shouldn’t expect too much from onboard audio interfaces, because they have no dedicated ASIO drivers for them. The good news is that a better audio interface doesn’t have to be expensive at all. For instance this can be had for ~€50,-. I have no personal experience with that particular unit, but lexicon is a respectable brand. Just check for 64-bit ASIO driver availability (so you can be sure it’ll work on modern systems.) and the desired connectivity and find what suits you best.

I suggest you try to get ASIO4All to work, and from there decide wether or not that works ‘good enough’ for you. If not, put some research into external audio interfaces like the one I posted above. We’ll be glad to help you decide on what to choose depending on your budget and needs!

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your help. It worked for me.
Now I’m facing trouble with my yamaha psr s900 keyboard (as a MIDI Device.).
a) In Cubase3.png after I clickon Install Device and choose Yamaha PSR S900 what shoulf I choose in Yamaha PSR S900 Output Section. I have 3 options Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth, Portatone 1 & Portatone 2.
b) In Cubase4.png In MIDI Port Setup it shows Yamaha PSR S900 and output is assigned to MIC. Why so?
c) In Cubase5.png VST System Link Active and Online options show only integrated mic of my laptop.
d) In Cubase6.png External Instruments output also it shows as MIC again.
I didnt have the S900 connected when I took these screenshots.

Please help.

Atatching cubase6.png

May I respectfully suggest you actually try to read the setup guides for both your keyboard and Cubase, as from the screenshots you posted it would seem like you are randomly trying things in a vague attempt to get it working!!!