ASIO4ALL - New updates / New Website

4 Years without updates and seems the project is live again!

Win 10 only now, new driver. I wonder if we’ll see better multi-client support down the line… if at all possible.

I think there’s a beta uploaded if you want to try it.

Wow! And the interface is see-able without a magnifying glass. :probing_cane:

I’m neither here nor there about it otherwise. It’s never worked any better than WASAPI or a proprietary ASIO driver for me.

Oh i think for most people it’s where there is no proprietary driver (Such as on-board audio laptop users). It definitely offers lower real-time latency than WASAPI for me too.

WASAPI does work better though, for sure - seems more stable in my experience, and you can run audio on other applications without the driver locking itself, which is a big bugbear with ASIO4ALL.

Not sure which (ASIO4ALL or WASAPI) is best for CPU performance though, as i personally only use either for small 6-7 track ideas.