ASIO4All with Cubase 12

Is anyone using ASIO4All with Cubase - as opposed to their devices ASIO driver? I’m interested in experiences with this. I have two different Firewire devices which I’d like to aggregate. I can get it working; just wanted to know how it would go longterm.

Yes, I am. Have done so since Cubase 11. Worked as a charm … until …
A problem exists when I attach the UR22C audio interface. Asio4All does not see it.
I have not found a solution for that yet. Still searching.
Based on what I’ve found so far, this problem will also be with other audio interfaces, like the Focusrite Scarlett.
(if anyone has found a solution, please let me know)

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You may want to give FlexASIO a try. It seems to work more consistently than ASIO4all. It is a little harder to set up but once that is done its operation is seamless.

Google FlexASIO. There is a lot of discussion about FlexASIO vs ASIO4all


HI microapp, thank you for the suggestion of FlexASIO.
At least it is aware of both the UR-C inputs ànd the Realtek outputs. That is definitely a step in the right direction!
But as you said, it is a bit more involved in the setting up.
I’m now trying to add an audio track to an existing project.
I’ve gone through the studio setup and audio connections in Cubase 12. And as far as I can see, it should work. But no sound is recorded. That confuses me.
Interestingly, in a new -empty- project, adding an audio track did work.
Would you have insights on this that you could share?
Maybe, I need to set FlexASIO up properly?
To configure this, I need to make a .toml file, I understand.
Could you please share an example of such a file?
Best regards,

Basically, ignore the above … But let me share what I missed.
My Mixconsole has 21 tracks on this existing project -you can already guess where this is going- … And I forgot to set the input slider to 0 db. Once I did that, sound was recorded through the UR22C into the project.
Just shows how new I am to audio recording!

Been there, done that. Glad it is working for you.

Not quite yet!
FlexASIO has a terrible lag on my system! Unplayable I’d say.
About 4 times that of Asio4All.
Have not been able to fix that yet. (set the buffer size in the .toml file?)
I am now experimenting with ASIOlink pro. It has promise!
But it is very complicated. So, I’ll keep on experimenting with this for a while.
Any insights there? On either lag or AsioLink Pro?

FlexASIO is slightly better than ASIO4all on my PC.
What are you using for comparison since ASIO4all does not see your audio interface ?
Why are you using either one?
Isn’t the UR22-C a USB3 audio interface from Steinberg ?
Use the included ASIO driver. It should be faster than any 3rd party converter utility.