ASIO4ALL yellow symbol

i am using windows 8.1
M audio M track interface

Image attached for your reference, i am using cubase 5 and when i load asio4all yellow symbol appears. When i switch to asio full duplex i can hear every thing but ASIO4ALL not working. This ASIO4ALL is working perfectly with guitar rig. I have tried everything to make it work with cubase to play my guitar but failed. Please help!


Surely your M-Track has it’s own drivers…why not use those that are specifically designed for your interface?

As for ASIO4All, can’t say… If you must avoid the M-Tracks own drivers for whatever reason, I believe Steinberg offers some generic drivers on their site…so I’ve read somewhere here in the forums, someone had better luck with Steinbergs generic one than ASIO4All …still it wasn’t optimal for them as I recall.

Not that it’s not worth trying, but personally I would avoid anything that wasn’t a specific designated driver for my particular interface, and if I just couldn’t get it to work with my DAW, I’d get a different one instead of screwing around :exclamation:

Problem is solved here…i have loaded ASIO4ALL 2.12 and it works