Asioserver for HALion5

I like to open a asiodriver (asioforall) in my composer and open at the same time a standalone HALion5 (32/64 bit) soundmodule.
In my composer ican choose device: asio client , but i cannot choose asio client for HALion5
So i cannot open both programs with the same asiodriver and listen to them
I think the problem lies with HALion5 ?..or do i miss something

Try asio4all

Edit: He edited afterwards that he already uses asio4all.

or Have RME Soundcard ! :wink:

I installed the asio multi server from Steinberg: free …with this i can open multiple programs with asioforal audiodriver
In Halion5 : Asio Client is showing up ! ( that was my question here) after i restart windows 7

So now i camn listen tyo Standalone HALion5 and HALion5 as Vsti in my composer : both programs do have access to a audiodriver ( because i installed the free asio multi server from Steinberg )

In the asio multiserver you must select : the asioforall audio driver and in the audio applications as audiodriver : Asio Client