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I want to know the account management interface of the eLicensers in the Delete registration is what mean?
If I deleted it what will be the consequences? I just bought the product is registered to the account
If I deleted it on my dog or warranty and use what effect to have?
If there is no effect I deleted it re registered it?

Not sure what you’re on about. Your license is your key to use the software, if you just delete it you may not be allowed to use the software anymore. If you want to sell the software then leave it as is unless you have multiple licenses, and then need to transfer these to another dongle.

I’d say the best advice would be to contact either Steinberg or their representative where you come from (it’s obvious English is not a comfortable language for you), and have them explain what you need to know, and forget the forum for the time being.


You’re welcome.

I’m old and a bit slow and can’t figure out how to create and correctly name a two movement score with two flows (for the movements).
I simply cannot figure out this most basic first step in score creation- a title for the work and titles for the movements and for it to be the same in score and parts.

If anyone can be bothered to outline some steps I’d be very grateful.

Sorry to bother the forum with something so trivial.