ASK:CI2+ noise w/Audio

i have CI2+ , and when i try to record w/ mic shure sm58 ,i have problem…when i put knob gain on 1/4 , there’s nothing disturb me, when i put knob gain into 1/2, yeah i hear noise and then when i put on 3/4 knob gain,the noise more loud. I use adobe audition,and when i see the level meter w/72dB range. when i put knob into 3/4 = -70dB,when i put knob into maximum= -58dB…

this is my test noise w/adobe audition without mixing,just record…the graph on soundcloud is so unnatural,but when i hear on standard speaker(not for recording),i don’t hear anything…but when i use headphone monitor,i hear noise…

can someone help me to fix this?


Hi again,

First of all, I can pretty much guarantee you that your CI2 is not the problem. A bad cable could occasionaly give you some white noise, but that too is rare. I personally suspect that your Shure condenser mic is the culprit. A couple weeks ago, I bought a Samson C01 condenser mic, and it is a noisy little thing compared to my V-Tech VT 1040 dynamic that I was previously using. No matter the source of the problem, there are a couple tricks to use when dealing with noisy mics and cables. Reset your peak indicator in your track’s channel, and record silence. See how high the noise gets and use a noise gate to eliminate it, keeping the threshold number as high as possible to avoid gating your music. You may have to search around for a good denoiser, there was a good Cubase denoiser on 4shared last I checked. If you EQ your music and boost the higher frequencies (500hz to 20khz) this may help the noise get above your gates threshold. Hopefully though, if you have some different mics/cables to experiment with, you can find the source of your problem. Normally, audio interfaces in this price range won’t put any noise in your signal except for that which you desire.